David Beckham Visits Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling
England Football superstar David Beckham visited the former residence of Soong Ching Ling on March 24, 2013.
Activities & Related Events
• 2013 Summer Camp
The 4th Soong Ching Ling International Summer Camp started in Beijing Laffite castle on July 25.
• Ukraine Youth Delegation Visits China
200 children from Ukraine Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Area visit China from August 3 to 9, which was at the invitation of Chinese President Hu Jintao.
News Room
• Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Held to Remember the Return of Buddha Head
To remember the return of ancient Chinese buddha statuses, CSCLF and Sun Yat-sen Cultural Foundation held a painting and calligraphy exhibition for artists from across the straits.
• CSCLF Sends Gift to Old Soldiers of Chinese Expeditionary Army
At the beginning of 2014, CSCLF sent a delegation to western Yunnan to comfort old soldiers of the Chinese Expeditionary Army. The delegation was led by Qi Mingqiu, deputy chairman of CSCLF, and Zheng Jianbang, vice chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomingtang.
• Hu Qili Meets Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Foundation Delegation
Invited by CSCLF, Chairman of the Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Foundation Xu Shuide led a delegation visited Beijing during March 16 to 18. Chairman of CSCLF Hu Qili met the delegation.
• "Starbuck Environmental Protection Project" Held Exchange Activity in Tongji University
An exchange activity of "Starbuck Environmental Protection Project" was held during Jan 21 to 24 in Tongji University.