My Trip to Japan

2008-06-04 15:20:49   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Wang Shiyi

On July 13, 2007, I had a chance to join a children group organized by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation to Japan to participate in a summer camp with children from other countries. In the first five days we lived in the camp area and eight children shared one room in which there were two Chinese children, four Japanese students (one was younger than I was), and two kids from Pakistan. In the five days, we lived together and joined hands and did many things as a group. We enjoyed each others' companion. Although we speak different languages and look different, yet the past five-day camping experience brought us together and we established a deep friendship. One night before we parted to stay with Japanese host families, we held a farewell party. At the end of the farewell party, everyone cried, and I cried too. We all cherished the true friendship we had built in the past five days. We didn't want to part, but we wanted to stay together for another days if we could. I guess one may make a lot of friends, good friends in his/her lifetime. This time we were brought together by luck and became good friends. I believe that the luck will surely once again bring us together in the future.

After reluctantly saying goodbye to each other, we each of us got into the cars with our Japanese host families and went to our new homes. My host-family was a happy family with two children, a boy and a girl. They are all friendly to me and the girl was two years younger than me and the boy two years older than me. I soon became a new member of the family and felt at home. The Japanese Mom and brother speak English well so we could communicate easily. The Mom took me to visit the Toyota Motor Rome, an amusement park, the beach and a swimming pool. I even visited my Japanese sister's school. On the way back home, I noticed that the streets were clean and no trash and wastes on ground except for flowers, trees, houses and traffics or fallen leaves and insects. The traffic is good and everyone keeps to the traffic rules, and even no traffic on the road at a small crossing, every one of pedestrians still waits for his/her traffic light. To be honest, I really wanted to rush across the road, but on my second thought, I controlled myself. I felt very much ashamed while I saw everybody waiting.

At the end of my trip, when we had to say goodbye, all my classmates were moved to tears. My heart was troubled with a deep feeling of parting and the never forgotten memories from the summer camp.

All in all, my trip to Japan was an enjoyable, memorable and unforgettable one that will be with me in my life.