CSCLF Chairman Meets with U.S. TPI President

2008-07-11 22:41:24   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

On June 5, 2008, Hu Qili, chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) met with Jack Fitterer, chairman of international affairs of The Pacific Institute (TPI). As a reputed U.S. institute devoted to psychology study, TPI is a well-known academic psychological research institution in the United States, particularly in cognitive psychology. It has achieved many academic results. Upon hearing the news that the spiritual rescue work has been widely started in Wenchuan, the severe earthquake-hit areas, in Sichuan province. Therefore, TPI immediately started to contact with CSCLF and expressed its readiness and willingness to offer timely support and help.

Hu briefed the U.S. guests on the earthquake relief, rescue operations, and after-quake rebuilding efforts. Hu expressed his appreciation to TPI for its concern of the earthquake and Jack Fitterer and his colleagues for their friendly feelings and sympathies to the Chinese people. He appreciated their philanthropic offer to help the people in the quake-hit regions to regain confidence in life and rebuild their homes.

Meanwhile, the leader of CSCLF Training and Exchange Center briefed the guests on the Youth Life Education Forum; project under way for many years, and the Rainbow Action Plan, a new project launched by CSCLF after the Wenchuan earthquake. The purpose of the project is to help quake-affected people to heal and remold their soul.

Shi Bainian, a professor from the China Youth University for Political Sciences, briefed the guests on developments of psychological crisis interference and spiritual rescue of the young people in the quake-ridden regions by governmental organs and non-governmental institutions immediately after the havoc.

Jack Fitterer hailed the importance attached by the Chinese Government and non-governmental institutions to the spiritual rescue and their enthusiastic and effective efforts made so far. He expressed his hope to cooperate with CSCLF in the training of teachers and volunteers so as to push the Rainbow Action Plan into full swing.

Yu Guilin, vice chairman and Li Ning, secretary-general of the foundation were present at the meeting.

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