Chairman Hu Qili Meets with Former Interior Minister of Togo

2008-07-11 22:32:22   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

On 8 April 2008´╝îChairman Hu Qili met with former Interior Minister of Togo Yao Kunale Michel Eklo and his entourage. Chairman Hu and Minister Eklo have been friends for over 40 years. In 1964, with the help of Chairman Hu who was then President of the All-China Federation of Students, Minister Eklo paid his first visit to China and was cordially received by Chairman Mao Tse-tung and Premier Zhou Enlai.

During the meeting, Minister Eklo briefed Chairman Hu on his efforts to promote relations with China on his successive posts of Permanent Representative of Togo to UN and Minister of the Interior. Chairman Hu expressed deep appreciation for his endeavor. The two of them also reviewed their long-standing friendship and exchanged views on China-Togo relations and some hotspot issues facing the international community.

When Chairman Hu presented to him a valuable photo taken during his visit to China 44 years ago, Minister Eklo was deeply touched and immediately recognized his old friends in the photo.

Attending the meeting were also Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs and former Ambassador to Uruguay and Venezuela Wang Zhen and CSCLF Vice Chairman Yu Guilin. 

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