CSCLF Organizes Chinese Teachers to Visit South Korea

2008-07-11 22:14:36   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

From Jan 31 to Feb 4 2008 , CSCLF organized a delegation of 18 Chinese teachers to visit South Korea at the invitation of the South Korea Juvenile Confederation.

The delegation was headed by Bai Jie, Deputy Secretary-General of CSCLF, and was made up of teachers from Shandong Experimental Middle School. The delegation was warmly welcome by Zhou Shangzhi, the chair of South Korea Juvenile Confederation, and all the personnel of the confederation. The Chinese teachers and their counterpart from South Korea held talks and reached consensus on organiziang teachers' exchanges and inter-school cooperation between China and ROK.

The delegation visited Seoul Yongwen Grade School in South Korea, held discussions with the principal and teachers and learned about the curriculum, teacher/student ratio, student assessment system and characteristic education "Future Education Demonstration" of the school. The school is characterized by helping the students to discover and recognize their own hobbies and potential and then giving priority to their development accordingly. The Chinese teachers showed great interest in this kind of education and thought this should be introduced into their school. They believed this education could help the students' exert their potential and their advantages. During the discussions, the delegation briefed their counterpart on the Chinese education in general and characteristic education in Shandong Experimental School. Besides, the delegation visited Seoul Central Juvenile Training Center (similar with Chinese juvenile activity centers or children's palaces), a place for outside-school education of South Korea. Parents' keen interest in the outside-school education of their children and their input of finance and time on this left the delegation a deep impression.

The delegation also visited South Korean Independence Memorial Hall, Chong Wa Dae (the president's office), Kyongju and its National Museum, and Pulguksa Temple. They were deeply impressed by South Koreans' awareness of environmental protection, thrift and politeness.

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