U. S. Creighton University Delegation Visits China And Makes Donations to the Quake-hit Areas

2008-07-12 15:51:19   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

At the invitation of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF), delegations from Creighton University and Saint Mary's College of the United States, came to China and conducted an annual exchange program on May 19, 2008. Before their departed from the United States, they learned that exceptionally powerful earthquake hit Sichuan province. They, both teachers and students, took immediate action by purchasing RMB 30, 000 Yuan worth of tends, food, school stationery, toys and other goods and materials brought with them by air for students in the quake-hit areas, hoping that the donations would reach the disaster-struck areas via CSCLF and they wish to send their regards and show their concern for the quake-ridden people. Tang Wensheng, vice chairwoman of the foundation met with the teachers and students of the two colleges and issued donation certificates to them and expressed gratitude to them for their kind assistance they had offered to quake victims in quake-stricken areas in Sichuan province.

On May 27 this year, the delegation successfully concluded its visit to Beijing and left for other parts of China for exchanges and visits. CSCLF staff members led a team of volunteers registered all the goods and materials donated by the delegation and checked and sorted out piece by piece with the safety labels, expiry dates of the food, pharmacy and daily necessities. Meanwhile, they conducted emergency contacts with the civil affairs department of Sichuan province and the recipient departments of the relief goods and materials. 0n May 29, assisted by China Red Cross Society, the donated goods and materials were smoothly forwarded to the disaster areas.

It is reported that no sooner had the news of smooth donations reached the two U.S. universities and then a new round of donation was started by those warm-hearted and compassionate college students.

Now that the "June 1" International Children's Day has just passed. If things went by smoothly, the children in the disaster areas in Sichuan province would have received the gifts from those American students brought to them from thousands of miles away.

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