Rholdes Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" Launched in Greece

2014-09-28 11:18:41   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Photo by Liu Min

The World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" (WPF DoC) was launched in Rholdes Island, Greece on September 25. Over 600 people from more than 70 countries will hold dialogues on "Preventing World War Through Global Solidarity: 100 Years On", commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the WWI.

The Founding President of the WPF DoC Mr. Vladimir Yakunin said the agenda was as relevant today as has ever been in light of the numerous military conflicts raging in different parts of the world today. He hoped to foster global solidarity in order to counter short-sighted global agendas and promote the spirit of cooperation, peace and justice.

With the facilitation of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, ten Chinese scholars will hold a specific workshop, discussing "the Silk Road: the Past and the Future of Dialogue of Civilizations" in the Rholdes Forum, known as an effective mechanism of public involvement in the international public decision-making process. Mr. Vladimir Yakunin saw the silk road as a belt of development, especially between China and Russia. He said, "this collaboration of two cultures actually provide a very solid basis to develop the idea of unification and Euro-Asian continent in economy, social manner, and involvement of one side of the project to another."

The WPF DoC is a large-scale international European-based discussion platform and has been active for more than 15 years. It seeks to create effective and democratic instruments to solve global problems, protect and promote the co-existence of diverse ides, combine liberal standards and humanitarian values and face the global challenges of extremism and terrorism with internationally combined efforts.