"Together with Me" to Feel the Charm of Sports

2015-07-20 10:59:21   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

The China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) launched a themed welfare activity called "Together with Me", with world famous football star Michael Owen, Michael Owen Sporting Club and BonIDEAS Culture Development Organization on July 6, 2015. Those attending the launching ceremony include CSCLF Vice Chairman Jing Dunquan, Director of CSCLF Fund Department Tang Jiuhong, CSCLF Council Member Gao Min and Ye Haijie, and Wu Yuanyuan, Director of the Education Promotion and Sports Project at the Cultural Education Department of the British Embassy.

Jing Dunquan, Vice Chairman of CSCLF, presents a gift to Michael Owen.

Michael Owen visits the cultural heritage library at the Soong Ching-Ling's Former Residence.

"Together with Me" aims to call people to come back to family, feel the charm of sports together with family members, enjoy the happy time, and share the warmth and happiness of family bond. Nobody owns a lifelong social role, but our roles in the family will go with us for the whole life. Family is a social factor, as well as the first environment where a child grows. Teenagers cannot grow healthily without a harmonious and loving family atmosphere.

Jing Dunquan, Vice Chairman of CSCLF, hoped that the event can help promote social attention to a harmonious family and children's health, as well as advocate correct social values through the event. He hoped the foundation and Mr. Owen can be a bridge for cultural exchanges and improve international friendship between China and Britain.

Jing Dunquan, Vice Chairman of CSCLF, delivers a speech.

Owen said he hoped people from the two countries could undertake the responsibility of cultural exchanges with him, promoting exchanges and understanding between people from the two countries. He hoped more Chinese and British families can walk into the stadium with him to feel the charm of sports within a close distance, and come back to normal family life. Also as a former professional football player, a husband, and a father, he always hoped his relatives and friends could share his happiness and joy of success on the football field.

Michael Owen delivers a speech.

Michael Owen receives a media interview.

In the afternoon, Owen along with his delegation came to Beijing Xuanwu Hui Nationality Primary School, and watched an excellent football match with school pupils and their parents. Owen also acted as a comment guest for the match. During the match, Owen said to the children: "The most important thing for playing football is to try to use your left foot and right foot evenly. Try to use each foot no matter when you handle the ball or turn around. It will be very important in your future career."

At last, children prepared gifts for their idol, and posed for a group photo with him.

Michael Owen interacts with a football player from Beijing Xuanwu Hui Nationality Primary School.

Michael Owen along with his delegation pose for a group photo with football players from Beijing Xuanwu Hui Nationality Primary School.