Chinese College Students Pay A Cultural & Art Visit to Egypt

2015-08-27 17:26:01   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

A Chinese college student presents a manmade postcard to the Egyptian friends.

At the invitation of the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo, The China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) organized a delegation of 9 college students to visit Cairo from August 6 to 10. Members of the delegation included teachers and students from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Shanghai University Academy of Fine Arts, the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, the Sichuan Fine Art Institute and the Chinese Art Institute.

The delegation visited to Helwan University College of Art in Cairo. They teamed up with Egyptian college students to participate in the 2015 Maritime Silk Road - the Sino Egyptian Youth College Students Exchange and Contemporary Art Exhibition. Chinese college students brought their individual works to the exhibition, exploring and sharing the eastern and western arts with the Egyptian college students.

The delegation also visited to a local school having a discussion with the school teachers, than the students experience the Egyptian art and culture through the taking part in a workshop. During the visit, the Chinese college students show their sincere, warm, friendly and generous to the Egyptian teachers and students. At last college students from both sides presented gifts to each other and promise to stay in touch, hoping that there will keep the relations in future. The activity also attracted media from both China and Egypt and more than a dozen media and TV stations had covered the event.

Chinese and Egyptian college students experience the art workshop together.

Chinese and Egyptian college students have cultural exchanges.

Works by Chinese college students are displayed.

The delegation introduces the works to Yassersaqr (L3), President of Helwan University.

The delegation discuss with Safia (L2), Director of Helwan University College of Art.

An Egyptian reporter (L) interviews a member of CSCLF's delegation.

The delegation pays a visit to Xu Nanshan (R2), Consulate-General of The People's Republic of China in Alexandria.