Toyota Fund Holds Employment Guidance Activity in Wuhan University

2015-11-09 13:46:33   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Fan Guangning, section manager of Toyota (China) Motor Corporation, delivers a speech.

An employment guidance activity was held in Wuhan University by the CSCLF Toyota Aid for College Students from Poor Families on September 25 and 26, 2015. Altogether over 80 aided students from Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology attended the training. People in charge of Wuhan University and Toyota (China) Motor Corporation, as well as HR managers from many large enterprises participated in the activity.

Participants pose for a group photo.

The person in charge of the Social Contribution Department of Toyota (China) Motor Corporation first introduced various activities of the Toyota Fund to students, especially the purpose of some just finished activities. He expected students to start from little things around them, improve their own lives gradually, cherish the opportunity of growth in the activities, and hold great ambitions to walk on the road to realize their dreams.

During the activity, experts guided students to test their characteristics, and analyze the results of the test, which helped students understand their career characteristics. Then students were divided into groups, made plans and completed missions through teamwork. After completing their missions, students celebrated with their team members and instructors, and posed for a group photo with them. Besides, 3 companies invited by, a job hunting website, introduced their companies and held job interviews with students.

Aided students take part in the job interview on site.

Aided students receive certificates.

The activity invited the HR managers from domestic well-known enterprises like HP Company, Wanda Group, and Baidu, giving students professional and detailed guidance in their employment and career plan. Experts had one-to-one communication and held simulated job interviews with over 80 aided students. After the activity finished, students had deep impression of the training, saying it helped them experience the power of the team and the happiness of the team's success. Besides, through experts' instruction, they had the chance to understand the current situation of employment, which helped make their goal clear, and walk into the society more confidently. They said excitedly that the activity benefited them a lot.

Students participate in outward-bound training.

The CSCLF Toyota Aid for College Students from Poor Families continues to accompany students on their road of development in the past ten years. Besides offering financial aid, it also provides students various kinds of activities, encouraging them to try bravely and grow healthily.

Students talk with HR instructors.

Students pose for a group photo with instructors.