CSCLF Donates for Disaster-affected Organizations in Tianjin Blast

2015-11-10 09:59:26   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

The media interview.

After the deadly blast in Tianjin on August 12, many enterprises came to donate for the disaster-affected people. Tianjin Rockcheck Group and Shanghai Deluxe Family Limited Corporation donated fund to CSCLF immediately; China Air Purification Magazine organized many enterprises to donate materials like air purifiers and protective masks to disaster-affected region, and transfer these materials through CSCLF; besides, CSCLF council member and its partners including Rotary International took part in volunteering services.

CSCLF council members, staff members, and representatives of funded enterprises ask about the situation of the disaster-affected kindergarten.

Recently, Tang Jiuhong, Director of Fund Department of CSCLF, Zhang Shaoling, China Development Representative of Rotary International and CSCLF council member, and Chen Jihong, deputy secretary-general of Tianjin Economic Development Area Charity Association, visited the blast-affected organizations, asked for the situation of affected area and the post-disaster reconstruction situation. They also presented air purifiers as well as greetings from CSCLF and funded enterprises to organizations and schools including Oriental Cambridge Kindergarten, Taida International Nursing Home, Residents Service Center of Furui Community and Shishang Community.

Representatives of funded enterprises receive the donation certificate from CSCLF.

Teachers of the Oriental Cambridge Kindergarten started self-rescue and reconstruction from the day after the blast, to ensure the open of the kindergarten on September 1. However, only over 80 children have come back to the kindergarten since September, out of over 300 students. The air quality in the classroom after the blast became the biggest worry of parents and the head of the kindergarten. CSCLF organized funded enterprises to donate equipment like air purifiers, which became the reassurance to teachers and parents.

Senior citizens receive donated air purifiers.

CSCLF will continue to focus on the post-disaster reconstruction of the blast-affected areas, promote related charity projects with Tianjin Economic Development Area Charity Association, and contribute to affected organizations and people.

The disaster-affected kindergarten receives donated air purifiers.