Qi Mingqiu Meets with Founder of Schiller Institute

2015-11-23 15:44:02   CRIENGLISH.com

Qi Mingqiu (R), Standing Vice Chairman of CSCLF met with Helga Zepp LaRouche (L), founder of Schiller Institute.

Qi Mingqiu, Standing Vice Chairman of CSCLF met with Helga Zepp LaRouche, founder of Schiller Institute in Beijing on September 30, 2015.

Qi Mingqiu extended welcomes to Ms. Helga Zepp LaRouche and the delegation, and gave highly praise to her and the Schiller Institute, who had dedicated to Sino-American and Sino-European people's friendships. Nowadays, there are some regional conflicts and tensions, derive from lacking of communications and misunderstandings between different countries and people. To maintain a peaceful and harmonious world, we must strengthen cultural exchange and better the understanding between China and German. Qi Mingqiu said CSCLF had dedicated to promote the civil exchanges and is willing to strengthen the cooperation with foreign organizations, including the Schiller Institute, to promote the civil exchanges between different countries.

Ms. Helga Zepp LaRouche showed gratitude to Qi Mingqiu saying that there are a lot in common with various world civilizations, so we should strengthen mutual understandings and learn from different cultures through communication and exchange. She said the Schiller Institute really hoped to cooperate with CSCLF to promote the cultural and civil exchange between China and western countries, in order to maintain world peace and help to promote human developments.

Ms. Helga Zepp LaRouche and the delegation also attended the "One Belt, One Road" Sino-US Cooperation Horizon Seminar, organized by the Renmin University of China.

At the meeting

Qi Mingqiu sends a gift to Helga Zepp LaRouche.