Basketball Promotes Sino-American Teenager Exchanges

2016-02-05 13:57:32   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

The 2016 Sino-American Teenager Basketball Cultural Exchange Delegation finished their one-week US tour on February 3, 2016. Chinese teenagers in the delegation had basketball cultural exchanges with American teenagers, visited top-ranking training venue, training of NBA teams, a match between the Huston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers, had high-five with members of Lakers, and talked with their super idol Kobe Bryant. The unique experience left deep and unforgettable memories to the children.

Kobe Bryant and his teammates have high-five with teenagers of the delegation before the match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Charlotte Hornets.

The tour was funded by the Kobe Bryant China fund. The fund was established by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) and the Kobe Bryant Family Foundation. It aims to promote the exchanges in the areas of education, sports, culture and art for teenagers from both China and the US, as well as promote the development of teenager sports in underdeveloped areas in China.

Kobe talks to Chinese teenagers

After the match with the Charlotte Hornets, Kobe and his wife received the basketball teenagers from China on January 31. He had high-five with every teenager, and encouraged them to chase their dreams through his own experience. He also said he would spend more time and energy in public welfare, and promote the Sino-American teenager exchangers in the future.

Kobe Bryant poses for a group photo with Chinese teenagers.

Jing Dunquan, vice chairman of CSCLF, presents a gift to Kobe Bryant.

Jing Dunquan, vice chairman of CSCLF, presented a special gift to Kobe, a crystal cup with the inscriptions of CSCLF Chairman Hu Qili, to show the gratitude of Kobe's efforts in promoting public welfare and Sino-American exchangers. He also hoped Kobe to use his story to encourage teenagers' healthy growth in the two countries.

Sino-American teenagers exchange via basketball

Chinese teenagers play a friendship match with students from a local middle school.

The Chinese teenagers of the delegation played a friendship match with students from a local middle school. Although they lost the match at last, their performance had left a deep impression to local students. They took a group photo after the match.

The Chinese teenagers played basketball with local basketball fans in the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles. A professional NBA coach from New York to arrange the activity. Teenagers experienced interesting basketball training courses in the Jr. NBA activity, and played a match.

The Chinese teenagers experience interesting basketball training courses with local basketball fans in the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles.

Teenagers pose for a group photo with local basketball fans and a professional NBA coach.

Teenagers receive basketball trainings with local basketball fans.

Teenagers played basketball, and shared their dreams with local teenagers together. They exchanged gifts, did some interesting biological and physical experiments, painted pictures, and exchanged their cultures. Their friendship got strengthened outside the basketball court.

Chinese teenagers perform an experiment with local teenagers.

Basketball promotes the exchange between the two countries

During Chinese President Xi Jinping's Visit to the US in 2015, the two leaders had reached consensus to further promote the people-to-people exchange between the two countries, which strengthened the friendship between people from the two countries, and injected more positive energy in building the relationship between the two countries.

Teenagers of the delegation pose for a group photo.

Jing Dunquan, vice chairman of CSCLF, hoped teenagers from the two countries could learn from one another, make good friends, and become a force to promote the development of Sino-American relationship. The Kobe Bryant China Fund also hoped more people would join in to build a better platform for the cultural exchanges between teenagers from both China and America.