2016 Tennis Caddies Australian Tour Concludes

2016-02-26 15:13:10   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Sponsored by the Youth Tennis Development Fund of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF), the Tennis Caddies Australian Tour delegation arrived at Melbourne, Australia on January 6, 2016. The delegation constituted of caddies recommended by companies of the China Open, as well as tennis fans from 12 schools in Beijing. They would be serving in the matches of the Australia Open in January, receive professional training of Tennis World, the official training organization of Australian Tennis Association, and participate in related exchange activities.

Members of the caddies delegation pose for a group photo.

The qualifying competition of the Australia Open kicked off on January 13. Caddies focused on their work in every match. The temperature in Melbourne changed dramatically from 42 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius. Our caddies' good-quality service and professional attitudes won positive feedbacks from staff members of the Australia Open and competitors from all countries. Fan Qianqian and Li Leming of the delegation were selected by the Australia Open Organizing Committee to serve for the final match because of their excellent performance, showing the good spirit and professionalism of Chinese caddies.

Chinese caddies listen to the instruction.

Chinese caddies learn to play tennis.

Li Leming, a Chinese caddie, serves at the tennis court.

The tour also realized caddies' dream of chasing the star. World No.3 tennis player Andy Murray from Britain is the idol of Chinese caddie Bao Tuya. The organizing committee arranged Murray to take a group photo and communicate with caddies, which made her very excited. Murray told caddies that besides skills, tennis also required strong mind and stable psychological quality, which could enable players to fight back under disadvantageous situation, beat the rival, and win eventually. Communicating with an excellent tennis player left good memories to caddies.

British tennis player Andy Murray poses for a group photo with caddies.

Besides 6 caddies selected to serve in the matches, CSCLF also selected 10 tennis fans, aged from 8 to 10 years' old, from 12 schools that cooperated with the foundation in the "Tennis on Campus" project for the first time. They received professional training arranged by Tennis World, the official training organization of Australian Tennis Association. These young fans have a strong will. They cherished the chance and nobody gave up easily. With the help of coaches and teachers, they overcame difficulties, and accommodate to the intensive training and bad weather gradually.

Chinese students also watched matches during their spare time. One of the matches they watched was Chinese player Zhang Shuai v.s. US player Varvara Lepchenko. Zhang's strong will and stable psychological qualities impressed them. After the match, students said they would regard Zhang Shuai as their model, and win the match for our country after they grow up.

Chinese caddies practice playing tennis at the clay court of Australia Open.

Chinese caddies pose for a group photo with caddies from other countries.

The tour let these children walk onto a standard court, receive standard training, and watch a competition on a Grand Slam court for the first time. They will share their experience with their classmates, coaches and friends, pass down the sports spirit and dream, letting more people feel the happiness of tennis. The CSCLF Youth Tennis Development Fund will continue to support school sports and international youth exchange activities, help more teenagers realize their tennis dream, grow up and impress them.

Backgrounder: The Youth Tennis Development Fund was established in 2011 by CSCLF and companies of the China Open. It aims to promote tennis among teenagers, improve their physical qualities, help them develop strong and responsible qualities, and strengthen cultural exchanges among teenagers from China, Australia and France.

The fund organized charity matches, charity sales during the five years after its establishment, inviting tennis super stars in promoting the fund. The fund also selected Chinese caddies regularly to serve for famous tennis competitions, showing the spirit of Chinese teenagers.