Australian Multicultural Festival Features Chinese Elements

2016-02-29 11:22:03   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

A 49-young people delegation, organized by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) visited to Canberra and Sydney in Australia from February 10 to 18, 2016. At the invitation of Australia and China Culture Education Economic Exchange Association (ACCEEEA), the delegation, leading by Chen Aimin, Director of Communication Department of CSCLF, is composed by teachers and students from Youth Activity Center of Beijing Chaoyang District and staff of CSCLF.

Mr. Nick, Director of Multicultural Bureau of Government of Australian Capital Area held a welcome ceremony for the delegation. He introduced the development situations of Australian economy, culture and education and gave a highly praise to Sino Australian cultural exchanges by the mutual efforts of CSCLF and ACCEEEA. He said the cultural exchange activity by CSCLF Injected great vitality to promote the bilateral civil friendly exchanges. Chen Aimin hoped both organizations further strengthen its cooperation and become an important bridge and link of Sino Australian communication and global multi-culture. Mr. Nick also presented Canberra Honorary Citizen Certificates to the members of the delegation in order to thank them for their contributions to enrich Australian multi-culture.

At the welcoming ceremony.

The delegation attended the 20th Australian Multicultural Festival in Canberra on February 12. The 3-day festival is an annual unique cultural event and organizations from all over the world gathered to show all kinds of performances. The Chinese delegation also showed 3 Chinese style performances during the event.

Little members of the delegation performed at the Australian Multicultural Festival.

The performances featured with Chinese elements.

Young people from all over the world became friends.

Australian Multicultural Festival opens to various cultures which attracting 300,000 tourists from around the world. The activities include performances, food exhibitions and parades through streets. The Chinese delegation this year also introduced unique Chinese culture, such as red lanterns, Chinese knots, paper cutting, etc.

The Chinese character "Happiness" reflects Chinese Spring Festival.

At the invitation of Chinese Embassy to Australia, Chen Aimin and the delegation visited the embassy and received warmly welcome.

The delegation visits Chinese Embassy to Australia.

After the Multicultural Festival, the delegation experienced the local culture at a farm on February 24th.

The little members experiences local culture at the farm.

The delegation experience local culture at the farm.

The delegation visited Stella Maris School in Sydney on February 16th at the support of Australian CSCLF.

The delegation visits an Australian local school.

Through the exchange activity, the young members of delegation felt they learned a lot. They felt honor to become Chinese cultural ambassadors and hoped to have more opportunities to go abroad to show Chinese culture and experienced all kinds of different culture.