Qi Mingqiu Meets with New Indian Ambassador to China

2016-02-29 11:15:30   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Qi Mingqiu, Standing Vice Chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) met with Mr. Shri Vijay Gokhale, the new Indian Ambassador to China at the Soong Ching-Ling's Former Residence in Beijing on Februar 3, 2016.

Qi Mingqiu thanked Ambassador Shri Vijay Gokhale for his immediately visit after the inauguration. Qi Mingqiu said both China and India are countries with ancient civilizations and Sino Indian relations are very important in international relations. As neighbouring countries, both sides should strengthen cultural and civil exchanges, so as to better bilateral relations. Qi Mingqiu introduced the main principles and works of CSCLF. Qi hoped to develop mutual visits and exchange activities in the fields of youth, children and women, and he also hoped to develop the bilateral cultural communications between high schools and cultural organizations of both sides. Qi Mingqiu specially introduced the situations of "Sino Indian Dialogue", which was jointly hosted by CSCLF and Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA).

Qi Mingqiu (R), Standing Vice Chairman of CSCLF has a discussion with Mr. Shri Vijay Gokhale (L), the new Indian Ambassador to China.

Ambassador Shri Vijay Gokhale thanked Mr. Qi Mingqiu for the meeting saying that he felt honorable to visit Soong Ching-Ling's Former Residence and get close to the great woman in 20th Century. Mr. Ambassador emphasized India has a long history, splendid culture and rich tourism resources, and China and India are neighbouring countries, so India hoped to strengthen the civil and cultural exchanges between the two countries specially through the cooperation with CSCLF, and eventually made contributions to the mutual friendly relations and communications of the two countries.

Ambassador Shri Vijay Gokhale is just inaugurated in January 2016. And his immediately visit to CSCLF after his arrival also indicates the importance of its cooperation with CSCLF.