Autism Special Fund Holds Sport Walking Event in Beijing

2016-04-25 11:01:21   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Before the World Autism Day, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) Autism Special Fund held a sport walking event in the Olympic Green, Beijing on April 1, 2016.

Jing Dunquan, Vice Chairman of CSCLF, attended the event and delivered a speech. Those attending the event included Deputy Secretary-general Li Qixiao, Director of Fund Department Tang Jiuhong, Deputy Office Director Yi Xuelei, many Champion athletes, leaders and singer Gong Linna. Nearly 800 special guests and representatives of donors from China Disabled Persons' Federation, Beijing Tong Ren Tang and some universities, also attended the event.

CSCLF Vice Chairman Jing Dunquan said: "The foundation launches the event in the hope of giving more attention to autism, children that suffer from the disease, and their families. All the money donated to the fund will be used for the treatment of autistic kids, promoting the knowledge of autism, training fundamental medical care staff, and supporting families with autistic kids. We'll encourage these families not to abandon or give up, and to help these kids better integrate into the society."

The participation of celebrities and donors bring more warmth and happiness to the kids.

Du Jiamei, President of Beijing Star Hope Autism Rehabilitation Center, told reporters: "The biggest dream of most autistic children's parents is that their kids can go to school with normal kids. The center hosted and sponsored 16 public welfare events under the theme of integration. We hope to promote kids' rehabilitation through art education and inclusive education."

The participation of Olympic champions, celebrities and warm-hearted people brought more warmth and happiness to autistic children. Leaders, guests, champions, volunteers and autistic children were divided into 6 teams in the sport walking event.

Jing Dunquan (left), Vice Chairman of CSCLF, participates in the event.

The CSCLF Autism Special Fund, Beijing Star Hope Autism Rehabilitation Center, Cultural Communication College of China Women's University, Beijing Zhongguancun Middle School, and the Primary School Affiliated to Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, launched the Star Inclusive Education Union together.

Su Shu, the president of Beijing Zhongguancun Middle School, said that the school would like to contribute to the inclusive education, and hold up the blue sky for autistic children, helping these special kids walk out of their isolated world and integrate into the mainstream of education.

Celebrities and donors participate in the event.

The Star Inclusive Education Union is launched officially.

Guests participating the event present kids with gifts.

Feng Ying, CSCLF Council Member and Head of the National Ballet of China, asks about the situation of autistic kids.

There's still no medicine to cure autism. It's estimated that there are 13 million autistic patients in China, taking up 1% of the country's total population. Many participants, including Tsinghua EMBA Media Alumni, donated money via the Wechat platform.

The sport walking event.