Starbucks Youth Leadership Development Program Explores New Public Welfare Mode

2016-05-09 10:06:26   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

The second training and road performance activity of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) Starbucks Youth Leadership Development Program were held in five cities from April 16 to 24, 2016. 99 student teams gathered in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Changsha for the program. They understood social reality and needs through training, as well as participated in public affairs and helped others through self-planned public welfare programs. Practice proved that the effective combination of training and public welfare program, promoting self-improvement and paying attention to others' program modes are becoming the new mode of developing young talents.

A combined photo shows the second training and road performance activity of CSCLF Starbucks Youth Leadership Development Program in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Changsha.

The training included 5 sections: career planning and professional qualities, efficient communication and speech, public welfare funding raising and volunteer management, public relations and public welfare promotion, as well as social influence assessment. Lecturers and professionals in public welfare gave training classes to students, and answered their questions during the public welfare practice.

Lecturers teach in the training courses of Starbucks Youth Leadership Development Program.

99 student teams showed their development to judges by scene dramas, videos, and presentation in road performance activity. They provided accompany services to old people, designed interesting activities for kids, promoted the idea of caring for special groups, or protected the environment. The young people developed in the program represented today's university students. They spoke out to the society, promoted the idea of serving others, and took action.

A combined photo shows the road performance activity of 99 student teams.

Judges assess the road performance activity.

The second phase of the program was launched from November 18, 2015, and had developed many influential programs, for example, programs in Chengdu had strong color ethnic minority groups, programs in Shanghai combined their major with public welfare programs, and programs in Guangzhou were active and unique. Let's take a look at the programs:

Group photos of teams. Introduction is below:

Photo 1:

Name of program: Vo-kids. University: South China Normal University. Instructor: Wang Peng. Team members: Zhang Huijuan, Xu Zesi, Rao Jiaqi, Chen Wenwei and Yang Han.

Content of program: Vo-kids aim to develop child volunteers. Recruit children with zero volunteer experience through schools and communities, guide them in public welfare practice, and invite them to participate in public welfare activities planned in Vo-kids program.

Photo 2:

Name of program: Expectations below the White Wall. University: Shanghai University. Instructor: Lu Yaofeng. Team members: Zheng Yandan, Li Zhenbin, Zhou Peijie, Zhuang Yifan and Xu Yi.

Content of program: Expectations below the White Wall aim to help and support kids of drug addicts. Through home visits and nature education, pair with kids to participate in activities, develop their interest and talents, help them accept the past and grow up healthily.

Photo 3:

Name of program: Source of Origin. University: Southwest University of Nationalities. Instructor: Zhang Tingting. Team members: Zhou Na, Liu Xiaodi, Ning Shoulin, Zhang Biao and Xu Zhen.

Content of program: Source of Origin aims to protect and pass down the traditional Chinese plant dyeing technics. Help and care for teenagers and kids in ethnic minority concentrated regions.

Photo 4:

Name of program: M.O.S.T. University: Beijing Hospitality Institute. Instructor: Wang Xiucheng. Team members: Xu Yingxiao, Xiang Xiaoxue, Zhang Nuo, Yang Fan and Huang Xin.

Content of program: M.O.S.T aims to bring civilized manners into primary and secondary school campus, and train civilized manners since they are young.

Photo 5:

Name of program: Change Yourself after 21 Days. University: Hunan University of Commerce. Instructor: Zhong Xiaokang. Team members: Xiao Liming, Hong Junmin, Xu Yan, Yin Kang and Yang Hao.

Content of program: Gather volunteers to achieve one public welfare goal in 21 days.

More than half of the year-long program had passed. We would select top 10 teams from the 99 student teams based on their road performance and online selection. We would design more chances of training and communication for the top 10 teams. At the summary meeting in Guangzhou, Lei Lei, deputy director of Student Work Department in South China Normal University, said: "Thank for the foundation to provide a platform for students to understand, get in touch with and walk into the society, and help them grow up from practice."