Theme Event of 2016 Renal Care Day Launched in Beijing

2016-05-30 17:00:37   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Hosted by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) and supported by Baxter (China) Investment Corporation, the Caring for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Health Education Program, theme event of the 2016 Renal Care Day, was launched in Beijing on May 23, 2016. The event will cover 18 cities across the country, which devoted to improving the public's attention towards chronic kidney diseases, strengthening their consciousness to prevent the diseases, and improving patients' quality of life through calling for the society's efforts. Liu Lanying, vice president and secretary of party committee of Beijing Haidian Hospital, Song Zuobin, deputy director of Baxter Nationwide Department of Government Affairs, representatives from CSCLF, as well as over 120 representatives of medical staff and patients attended the event.

The theme event of the 2016 Renal Care Day is launched in Beijing.

The theme event.

Representatives of medical staff and patients pose for a group photo.

Participants perform Ba Duan Jin or eight-section brocade together.

The guests unveiled the brand new logo and vision of the 2016 Renal Care Day – "Enjoy the future, full of wonderful things". Its theme was sincere cooperation, which showed the positive energy passed among patients. What's more important is that family members, government, medical staff, social organizations cooperate to help these patients, especially those in their final phase of the disease, to go back to the society and enjoy good-quality life.

About the program

A survey shows that there are 10.8% of Chinese adults suffered from chronic kidney diseases, which are about 120 million patients. Among them, about 1 or 2 million patients are in their final phase. Under such severe situation, CSCLF established the Caring for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Health Education Program in 2012, which got the support of Baxter (China) Investment Corporation.

Through setting up professional information websites of the diseases, handing out free information, offering experts' lectures and helping patients realize their dreams, the program promotes the knowledge of prevention and treatment of chronic kidney diseases, improves the public's consciousness and attention towards the diseases, lowers the incidence, increases cute rate, improves patients' quality of life, as well as promotes the overall development of the relief work of the diseases.

In 2015, CSCLF advocated to set May 23 as the Renal Care Day, which has the similar pronunciation to "I love kidney", calling for the society to participate in the action of caring for kidney. The theme of that year was "Care for kidney, intake less salt", which hoped to trigger the society's attention towards the patients, especially patients in the final phase, through their salt intake topic. At the same time, it advocated a healthy and reasonable diet to lessen the burden of kidney and prevent the diseases.