Harmonious Co-existence of Multiculture and Eco-Civilization in New Era

2016-07-18 13:50:56   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

The Eco Forum Global Annual Conference Guiyang 2016 was held in Guiyang, from July 8 to 10, 2016. The forum has been held for 8 times since 2009, and created great influence both at home and abroad. Yu Zhengsheng, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and chairman of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, as well as over 3000 politicians of foreign countries, leaders from international organizations, academic institutes, enterprises and media who made great contributions to global eco-civilization construction and sustainable development, attended the opening ceremony. Qi Mingqiu, standing vice chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF), attended the opening ceremony and forum under the theme of eco-civilization, as well as delivered a keynote speech titled "Harmonious Co-existence of Multiculture and Eco-Civilization in New Era".

Qi pointed out that Guizhou has always been one of the most important regions of CSCLF among the foundation's domestic and foreign partners. Local officials and government have paid great attention to eco-civilization construction and international people-to-people exchanges in these years, designed carefully for the people-to-people exchanges of spreading excellent Chinese culture out and inviting foreign friends in, taken detailed actions, as well as made positive achievements.

Qi said based on their original cooperation, the foundation and related departments in Guizhou would strengthen their protection and usage of the province's natural and human resources, bring more international friends to Guizhou, and promote the colorful Guizhou onto a higher and broader international stage simultaneously in the future.

Luo Shugang, Minister of Culture, and Wen Aijie, Director of Country of United Nations Development Programme Representative Office in China, also delivered keynote speeches.

Qi Mingqiu, standing vice chairman of CSCLF, delivers a keynote speech.

After the theme forum concluded, Qi received interviews of many media. Guizhou Daily also had an exclusive interview with Qi, and published the report immediately, which got position promotional effect.

During the conference, Qi also discussed with He Li, Deputy Governor of Guizhou, and Xu Jing, Director of Culture Department, about the cooperation between CSCLF and Guizhou in protection and inheritance of intangible, ethnic and folk culture as well as international exchange and conference. Qi also investigated Guiyang Confucius Classroom and Colorful Guizhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall accompanied by Yuan Wei, Deputy Director of Culture Department, and discussed future cooperation with Xu Qi, party committee secretary of the Confucius Classroom.

Staff from CSCLF General Office, Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, and China Soong Ching Ling Science and Technology Center, attended the above activities.