7th Soong Ching-ling Int'l Teenager Camp Kicks off in Beijing

2016-08-04 17:32:53   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

The 7th Soong Ching-ling Int'l Teenager Camp kicked off in Beijing on July 26, 2016. Those participating in the camp were 310 teenagers from 22 countries in 5 continents who speak different languages and have different skin colors and cultures. Under the theme "In China, Be Friends", the camp had been held for 6 times. Teenagers tried to understand China, get close to each other, keep the idea of diversity, equality and inclusiveness of human cultures in mind, and send the seeds of friendship and peace to the world within the 7-day activity.

Understand Each Other, Hello China

Members took part in the ice breaking activity during the first morning of every year's camp. The meaning of the activity is not to break, but melt the barrier among the teenagers. Teenagers opened their mind, and started their first day of the camp.

A group photo of camp members.

Camp members talk with each other.

After the ice breaking activity, there was a Chinese culture carnival which let teenagers experience traditional Chinese cultures, including calligraphy, folk music, percussion music, drawing, traditional food, martial arts, and intangible cultural heritages. These activities helped teenagers feel China and experience traditional Chinese cultures.

Camp members experience calligraphy.

Camp members experience Chinese martial arts.

A masked ball was held in the evening of July 25. Teenagers enjoyed singing and dancing at the ball. The sponsor of the camp invited 6 members to the stage, celebrated their birthday, and presented them with birthday cakes and gifts, which became an impressed and unforgettable birthday to them.

The masked ball.

Give Likes to Multicultures

The Nation Day activity was held on July 26. Teenagers showed the unique cultures of their countries through a cultural demonstration and a 5-minute cultural performance in a courtyard.

The exhibition area of New Zealand in the Nation Day Activity.

The exhibition area of Sri Lanka in the Nation Day Activity.

You could experience the different cultures of over 20 countries in 5 continents within half an hour. It's the best stage for the teenagers to display the culture of their nations.

South Korean camp members give a performance of traditional South Korean dance.

Camp members from Czechoslovakia display their talents in the Nation Day Activity.

Teenagers can give "likes" by sticking the heart-shaped stickers on the introduction board of the display area of the nation. The cultural demonstration of every country has its unique charming points, and all of these demonstrations got similar numbers of likes at last.

Another highlight of the Nation Day was that there was a Soong Ching-ling relate element. CSCLF Little Time Gentlemen were invited to take part in, and set a demonstration area, introducing stories of Madame Soong Ching-ling and Dr. Sun Yat-sen, especially Soong's efforts in developing the education of women and children, social welfare and deepening international friendship exchanges.

2016 Love & Getting Together

The opening ceremony and a gala of the camp were held in the evening of July 26.

Qi Mingqiu, standing vice chairmen of CSCLF, announced the opening of the camp, and expressed his warm welcome to teenagers from various countries. Teams of every country held their national flags and walked onto the stage. Camp members realized they were not just an ordinary individual, but a representative of a country and its culture. They felt their unique status in multicultures and understood the meaning of inclusiveness and co-existence in friendly atmosphere.

The opening ceremony of the 7th Soong Ching-ling Int'l Teenager Camp.

Teenagers from Beijing Chaoyang District Children's Palace and camp teenagers performed a flash mob to start the evening gala. Members from various countries performed at the gala.

Chinese camp members perform calligraphy, drawing and dance.

Camp members from Slovenia sing a folk song.

Camp members from Czech perform a folk song.

In the following week, teenagers will go to the Great Wall, visit historic sites in Beijing, and visit Chifeng in Inner Mongolia, Shanghai and Jiangsu. The different and unique culture will make their summer unforgettable. And the equal exchange of multicultures and inclusiveness advocated by CSCLF will accompany them to the next stage of their lives.