Launching Ceremony of Sihai Luminous Primary School Held in Hebei

2016-08-12 09:56:12   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

The launching ceremony of Sihai Luminous Primary School was held in Yixian County, Hebei Province on August 7, 2016. As the new classroom building finished construction, children from 4 nearby villages could go to school near their home in the upcoming semester.

The Luminous Future Program team poses for a group photo with children.

In the summer vacation of 2015, 9 middle school students traveled to Yixian, and a shabby classroom building caught their attention. They couldn't imagine there was such a shabby classroom building which needed repairing in Hebei, which was about 2-hour car drive from Beijing. After they knew that the school applied for reconstruction, but still lacked funds of 600,000 yuan, they launched the Luminous Future Program, collecting donation from classmates, friends, entrepreneurs and renowned people. The founders of the program donated the 590,500 yuan they collected to China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) on December 26, 2015, for the reconstruction of old classroom building.

Li Honglin, one of the founders, said: "The Luminous Future Program was established in July, 2015. We have two purposes. One is to provide education opportunities to children in under developed regions in China. The other is to promote cultural exchange between China and US." He also said they learnt a lot from these teachers and children while doing the program. Li Guanggao, another founder, said: "Those participating in the program are only teenagers, who have limited strength. But if we make efforts together, and help each other, we can be stronger, and help others more."

The new classroom building.

The activity room.

The program also brought two nutrition monitoring machines for the sake of children. The program would continue to promote their activities, collect fund to build a library, buy more facilities for the school. They would contact teenagers who participated in the program but lived abroad via internet, to send richer and better educational resources to local children.