Ms. Shao Xiuhua and Xishe Fund

2008-07-12 09:09:45   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

In 1997, Ms. Shao Xiuhua visited the fFormer rResidence of Mme.Soong Ching Ling at No. 46, Houhai Beiyan in Beijing as an ordinary tourist from Taiwan. SheFrom her tour of the residence Ms. Shao learned about Mmes. Soong Ching Ling and theabout China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF). With her long-held passion for public welfare in Taiwan, she offered her support for the work of CSCLF. In 1998, she took early retirementd ahead of schedule and came to Beijing to dedicate herself to social welfare in Chinese mMainland.

Ms. Shao Xiuhua , who inherited the compassion of her parents. She , has long had a strong wish that as a Chinese, she hopes to do something for the disadvantaged groups in Chinese mMainland. She often says, "I have come to the mMainland with a grateful heart. I know that doing public welfare work is a road of no return. But, I have made my choice and I will not turn back. I will keep walking down this roadpath." In the past five years, Ms. Shao has devoted herself to public welfare work and gavehas given all her love to the disadvantaged.

In 2000, initiated by Ms. Shao Xiuhua, Qinteng Company donated RMB 10 million to set up the Xishe Fund, with Ms. Shao Xiuhua serving as the Chairwoman. InFor five years, this fund has mobilized enterprises and people both at home and abroad to support and contributee to the realization of the aimsmission of CSCLF. The Fund mainly focused ones include helping with healthcare work for orphans and disabled children in old revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by ethnic communities, border areas and other poor regions,; education for the poor and disadvantaged groups, and aid for the elderly and the weak. Since its founding in 2000, Xishe Fund has been operating smoothly and has made great achievements in fundraising, project implementation as well as supervision and administration. The Fund has created great social benefits and has won praise from all sides.

With five years of effort, Xishe Fund has raised about RMB 14 million and goodmaterials worthamounted to about RMB 10 million. It has launched support projects in 22 counties in 12 provinces, and has provided RMB 8.8 million in cash and RMB 10 million in goodmaterials. In poor counties in Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Gansu, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shanxi, and Fujian provinces and Chongqing municipality, the Fund has donated materials such as quilts, bed sheets, detergent, sleeping bags, clothing and food to welfare homes, special education schools, and nursing homes in poor counties in Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Gansu, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shanxi, and Fujian provinces and Chongqing municipality,s. The Fund has also cooperated with health organizations to send medical workers to the villages in rural areas and has offered funding for constructing roads and wells to help solve the problems of transportation and drinking water for the locals. These have provided fundamental services for improving the living standards of people in the poverty-stricken areas.

To ensure the healthy operation of Xishe Fund and to be responsible for the donors, Ms. Shao Xiuhua has been devoting almost all her energy and time to Xishe Fund. To support the work of the Fund and to launch more welfare projects, she has visited all the regions that have received donations. She travels around the world every year to spread information on charity needs and also to report to donors about the results of their donations. She has organized donators to visit the recipient areas many times, for them to get first-hand information about the poor areas, and also to win better understanding and more support from the society.

To provide ongoing support for more people who needing help, Ms. Shao Xiuhua leads a simple life in Beijing by herself. She not only donateds her own savings but also persuadeds her friends and relatives to donate to Xishe Fund. Thanks toUnder her effortsinfluence, the number of donorsating group for Xishe Fund and the amount of donations have boths been enlarging and donations collected have been increaseding. The work of the coverage of the Fund has also been expanded into more sectors and areas. and the scope of help offered has been diversified. Among the donators tofor Xishe Fund, there are over 50 of themwho have donated more than oncerepeatedly, and most of themwhom are from Taiwan or are overseas Chinese companies and individuals. Among them are entrepreneurs, education professionals and also ordinarythe common people. Although they arehave different in social statusidentities, and fromlive in variousdifferent regions or countries with different cultural backgrounds, they have some things in common: they trust and admire Ms. Shao Xiuhua and are enthusiasticpassionate about public welfare works in Chinese mMainland; they all show great concern for education in the Mainland and greatly admire Ms. Soong Ching Ling and trust the CSCLF.

TFrom the successful operation of Xishe Fund, we can fully demonstrateswitness the friendship and love from our compatriots.the Chinese people. From Ms. Shao Xiuhua's hard work, we can also feel the pleasure of devotion and the beauty of gratitude. The working spirit of Ms. Shao Xiuhua is an example for all of us engaged in public welfare work.