A Word of Gratitude to CNOOC Scholarship

2008-07-12 09:09:45   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

from Kong Min, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

I am very grateful to China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) for granting me the CNOOC Scholarship, which helped me greatly reduce the financial burdens on my family, so that I could devote all my energy to study. As a third-year student, I have a heavy pressure on my study and could not afford time to part-time work to earn money for my tuition. Facing the facts that both of my parents are over fifties and I am the only child in the family, it is really hard for me to continue my college study and let alone the realization of my long-cherished dream to let my parents live a happy life at their late years. At this crucial point, it was CSCLF that granted me to continue my college study and do my filial duty.

Looking back to my past, I have realized that my growth would never have been possible without the care and help from the society. It's not exaggerated that without their help and care of, I would not have made any progress today. These thoughts spur me and make me determined to study hard to reciprocate the society, my family and all those who have helped me in my life. I think this is also what CSCLF meant me to do and to become while I was granted with the scholarship.

A person in poverty is likely to be heart by the unhealthy environment. I personally have the feeling throughout my growth. To me, difficulties and hardships in life have been nothing but what matters and worries me is that my parents, however over fifties, still have to work hard to earn money to support my college study. Therefore, I have been doing my best to ease the financial burdens on my family, and at the same time, I will train myself to become a responsible citizen emerging from adversity.

I am sure that most people have beliefs as a traveler walking in mountains has a longing to ascend the peak in distance. However, as the traveler walks on, sand and grit that constantly jump into his shoes wear away his enthusiasm. Although the higher mountains give him strength and courage, as he keeps cleaning his shoes, he gets disillusioned and discouraged. Poverty is like the sand and grit in the shoes, haunting you all the way through your pursuit of ideals. While you want to move forward, it keeps torturing and perplexing till you give up, tired and completely heart. As many others lose heart and give up, if you can persist in your belief, you are already half way to success. However, as you move on, you have to make much more efforts.

I always recall the thought-provoking words of the Chinese painting master Qi Baishi when he talked about his past. He said that it's as difficult as climbing up to the sky for children from poor families to become successful persons in the society.

The most horrible thing in the world is not poverty, but forgetting one's mission. The true value of life cannot be measured by academic degrees, social position and reputation or wealth. Only when taking away all these make-ups can the true personality and capability be shown. This is the true character of a person. This is what I am working for wish to become. Once again, I would like to express my sincere appreciations to CSCLF and I believe the best way of showing my gratitude is to work hard and fulfill the social responsibilities.