National Children's Electronic Organ Competition

2008-07-12 08:57:51   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) began its cooperation with Japan Casio (China Company) (hereinafter referred to as 'Casio China') in 1985 to promote the development of music education of electronic organs. Therefore, the "National Children's Electronic Organ Competition", hosted by the foundation and sponsored by Casio China, has been successfully held 11 times. In the last twenty years, thousands of young players from all over China participated in this contest, making it the most influential competition of its kind, with the longest history and the most extensive coverage in China.

The advancement and development of the electronic organ are divided into two parts, i.e. promotion and teachers' training. Promotion targets on children who are interested in electronic organ, learning music skills, cultivating their music accomplishment and fostering their cultural values. Teachers' training targets on teachers, who need to improve their theoretical understanding, strengthen their teaching ability and keep their lessons more progressive. However, the statistics show that China has the most owners of the instrument (single keyboard) and the highest prevalence rate and the population who has learnt or is learning the instrument has exceeded 10 millions (about 3 million families) yet it still takes time to become popular, as the development of education of the electronic organ are mainly popularized and confined in the developed areas in China. Due to the unbalanced economic development, the education of the instrument is relatively limited in the underdeveloped areas.

Since 1985, Casio China has donated many electronic organs and then the foundation has donated these instruments to provinces, cities and autonomous regions across China, especially to central and western poverty-stricken areas. These donations of electronic organs have brought hope to children in those areas where are lack of music instruments in education. At the same time, these donations have also laid a good base for the promotion of music education. Therefore, many children have become interested in music and even become professionals.

Besides the National Children's Electronic Organ Competition has played an important role in promoting and developing the electronic organ in China. And the strict process of preliminary, intermediary and final contests would not only help train young talented music lovers and improve the teaching of the instrument, but also boost its influence throughout China.

In addition to the donation of instruments and hosting contests, the foundation has put special emphasis on training of teachers. Therefore, it has held many training courses for teachers and asked experts in the field to deliver lectures on teaching experiences. As we all know that the development of music education of the instrument could not be achieved without increasing number of music teachers and improving their techniques. A music teacher with a strong passion and excellent expertise will not only have influence on children to learn how to play the instrument, but also foster them to become professionals with good character. Therefore, the competition and teacher's training course, held by the foundation every other year has become a popular program nationwide.