Special Funds

2008-07-12 09:32:42   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

In order to raise more funds and effectively promote the public-welfare undertakings, the foundation has set up many special funds in accordance with wishes of donors.

To set up special funds shall conform to the following conditions.

1. The utilization of the funds shall be in line with the mission of the foundation.

2. The agreed donation shall be in excess of RMB 5 million Yuan( cash only), and the first installment of the donation shall be allocated to the foundation after the agreement is signed.

3. The special funds shall be managed as the principal fund, from which the appreciation shall be used to sponsor relevant undertakings (unless a special agreement is provided otherwise).

4. The management of special funds shall conform to the Charter and the Regulations on Management of Fund of the foundation. And the financial and accounting work shall be managed by the foundation.

The foundation, the donor and the third party when it is necessary can set up an office to take care of the special fund. As a part of the fund of the foundation, the special funds can be named in accordance with wishes of donors, therefore, the funds shall be managed based upon the agreement agreed by donors and the foundation.